QualityHandcraft “You Only Expect Greatness”

Sustainability at Quality Handcraft
Because when it comes to Highest Quality Handmade Products – “YOU” Only Expect Greatness”

Core Values

• Only the Highest Quality Materials used
• Best Artisans in the Industry
• Authenticity & Highest Quality Products
• Exclusive Product Ranges
• Responsible packaging – “minimising our social and environmental impact”
• Provide the Highest level of Excellent customer service


Our journey

Our commitment to great Artisan Design has extended into making better business choices that minimise our Social & Environmental impact on people and the planet. We want to make a real difference now & for the future. The Journey will hold many challenges but we are committed to adopting & evolving our business along the Journey to support the Social & Environmental needs. The journey started many years ago and will continue into the future.


Responsibly Sourcing

You will understand that sustainability begins with responsible sourcing. So “How” are we doing this? We will ensure that our key materials create less environmental and impact on local communities and the planet. Working very closely with selected chosen partners through to who understand our core values. It’s not simply our business strategy, but our moral obligation. “We’re committed to sourcing materials that have less impact on people and the planet.”



All Timber that will used for our future products will be crafted from wood. Wood being a strong, natural material we use to make a wide variety of products. The Artisans we having been working with for over 40 years will be creating Amazing & Beautiful Handmade products. Our ongoing journey has always been to ensure we are always a responsible retailer now & in the future, committed to making our timber sourcing more sustainable and transparent. That’s why we’re working hard to ensure that our timber comes from responsibly managed forests.


We will be using Cotton as one of our key materials, which will be used in our new product ranges. A natural, renewable plant fibre, which will be used in our new product ranges. However, it’s also a climate-intensive crop linked to pollution, high water usage and worker exploitation. To help reduce some of these environmental impacts, we’ve set ourselves a goal to ensure our cotton’s sourced more sustainably.

Animal Derived Materials (ADMs)

We will be using use a number of different animal-derived materials in our new product ranges, like wool, leather & feathers. We are working very closely with our suppliers to ensure that our suppliers meet our minimum requirements and our long term commitments.


Material innovations

Material innovation a very changeling area has always been a key player to us and we are constantly exploring ways of working with suppliers who specialise in new materials.


Product packaging

We’re committed to making better choices so when you receive our products it’s easier to dispose of the packaging responsibly. Some of our products are very fragile and need to have very protective packaging, so we are always looking at innovative ways of reducing the amount of packaging we use but at the same time protecting the products we deliver to you. The majority of our Packaging’s paper products are biodegradable, particularly those created using the kraft method that is less processed than other varieties. For example, our hivewrap is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. This dual quality enables consumers to recycle the material at home or should they fail to do this, your business can rest assured that the product will break down naturally with minimal harm to the environment.


Responsible packaging

As a business we understand there has to be delicate balance in our journey between protecting our products on there way to you and to prevent potential. We have been trying very hard to reduce the amount of packaging that you will receive but at the same time trying to ensure the products are safe within the packaging protected.


We’re different by design

“Working very closely with our chosen suppliers, we design and develop the highest quality Handmade products using carefully considered and selected materials.” Our goal is always been in creating “YOUR” home into “YOUR dream home, with some of the most Amazing & Beautiful Handcrafted made by some the best Artisans in the World, with some very Exclusive Product ranges, which in some caesx have taken near a year to finalize.


Designed to last

Collaboration with all our designers and makers has always been the case within our business. Working with highly skilled Artisan experts, we create quality pieces of Handcraft you’ll love that will last for years to come. We know our choice of materials matters both from a social and environmental standpoint. That’s why we’re deeply committed to ingraining sustainability into our product development process, from concept to completion.


Handmade Products made by experts

We seek out the best manufacturers and makers around the world. Before commencing collaboration with any supplier, we ensure our high-quality standards are met from start to finish. We always seek Positive supplier relationships, which are a key aspect of our business and it is imperative that we favour those suppliers who share our core values today and in the future. Authenticity, Highest Quality & Exclusive Products is always our main goal.


Our Suppliers & Artisans

It can take many months or even years to ensure that we have the right partner working with us. We ensure that the Handmade products are of the Highest Standard, in many cases going through many examples of the Handmade Products before we seek to purchase. Authenticity is the number 1 goal. Our designs are brought to life by makers and manufacturers across the world. We’re committed to long-term relationships and fair treatment” not just for today but into the future – adopting their business as we adopt.


Our partners

It takes a global team of Artisans to create our Handmade products. We don’t own any factories but only collaborate with those who share our core values. We’re committed to building long-term relationships with our key partners. Regular communication and meetings with our partners is a key player as changes in the Industry now or expected in future will always be main point of discussion.


Our responsibility

Ensuring from A-Z the welfare of the people making our products is off up most importance. Our responsibility to ensure that every worker in our supply chain is respected and protected. This means:
1. Maintaining visibility of our manufacturing sites and achieving further visibility of other sites going forward.
2. Monitoring our supply chain and addressing any issues, should they arise.
Supply chains can be complex, but we are committed to this approach and will continue to build on our existing processes.


Our review process

From sourcing through to shipping, we aim to work with our supply chain partners in the fairest way possible. In 2021, we’re strengthening our onboarding process even further to ensure that suppliers’ sustainability credentials are aligned with our own values.


We respect our planet

We’re taking positive steps to reduce our impact on the planet. For us, that means retailing responsibly. We’ve set a number of goals to get us there. Things like: eliminating all unnecessary plastic from our product packaging and ensuring that the most environmentally impactful materials are used are 100% sustainably sourced.


We’re engaged with our community Globally

With Billions of People around the Globe using Social Media today, this has become an integral to the heart of our business, sharing our new products with the Globe. Information Posts and latest product ranges on Social Media is key to trying to build communities that passion and love our Handmade products. What can be better than having many followers that love to share our products.