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The Secret of Tamegroutes Green Pottery

Tamegroute, Morocco, is widely known across the globe as the place for Green Glazed Pottery.

All lovers of Moroccan pottery from across the world, including those in the United Kingdom, believe in Tamegroute pottery.

Tamegroute has for many centuries been known as a religious centre. It all started in the 11th century when the Nasiriyya brotherhood came to Tamegroute from Fez and brought with them the green enamel and native techniques. Since then, the pottery making has been the main economic and cultural activity in this region.

The road that leads you to Tamegroute might be a dusty and bumpy one. However, it is worth enduring the dust and hot weather if you truly want to learn the secrets of Morocco’s green pottery. A trip to this historic place takes you back in time. You will find numerous pottery workshops, including the oldest ones in the entire country.

While most of the pottery workshops you will find in Tamegroute date back to the early 1600s, a number of them remain unchanged. You will find artisans who are still working with manual pottery wheels in the buildings that have been made from the very clay that is usually used to make Moroccan ceramics and Moroccan pots. The artisans usually fire finished pieces of tiles and pots in huge multi-chambered wood stoves to make them stronger, smoother and more appealing to the eye.

The unique shade of green

The pottery workshops you will find in Tamegroute, Morocco, are not just old. They are also home to the most famous pottery brands in the world. Besides, the workshops are also home to some of the greatest, most precious secrets of Morocco. One of these Morocco’s greatest secrets is a certain shade of green glaze that was traditionally used and is still being used in the traditional Moroccan pottery. The pottery of Morocco is unique and you cannot find it anywhere else. The uniqueness is brought about by the shade of green glaze that is unique to antique Moroccan pottery alone. It is actually a green glaze that you can never be able to find in any other part of the world except in Morocco.

Artisan pottery is practised almost everywhere in Tamegroute. You will find artisans at the shops creating intricate designs on plates with paint and syringes. Some of the artisans got the art of Islamic pottery, French pottery and French Antiques from their forefathers who migrated to Morocco with the art of Antique Pottery names from various places such as Mali. Even though their families used to make bowls, pots, cups, ceramics and Moroccan Candle Holders from wood, they started to make them of pottery the moment they got to Morocco.

As mentioned before, there are immigrants who moved to Morocco from Mali and other places, and they brought their traditions and craft along with them.

The great secret

Moroccan Green Glazed handmade Pottery is unique and cannot be found anywhere else. You, just like other millions of people in the United Kingdom and beyond, must be wondering what secret does Green Glazed Ceramics, which is the most famous English pottery, has that makes it the most sought-after pottery.

Centuries ago, both the natives and immigrants who make Moroccan pottery for sale decided to make a green glaze because it is the colour of Islam. This is the main reason why green is the most common and preferred colour of Islamic pottery. Without much ado, let us get down to the secret of Morocco’s green pottery.

The artisans who make high-quality pottery in Morocco do not get any of their raw materials by any commercial means. Instead, they source every raw material from nature.

There are workers who collect clay from palm groves. They do so by digging very deep holes in the ground. The holes can sometimes go up to about ten meters deep. It is somehow a dangerous practice. In fact, few workers have lost their lives in the process of digging holes and collecting clay for antique Moroccan pottery. Well, don’t get it wrong. Accidents don’t happen more often. In fact, there has been only one incident that recently happened and was not a serious one.

Famous Moroccan pottery makers mostly use palm tree branches as fuel for their stoves, but they sometimes add eucalyptus and tamarisk chips that have been left over by the local carpenters.

The signature Morocco’s green glaze usually contain a high amount of barley flour, cobalt, silica, manganese, a hint of copper, and a certain type of rock that is found in the local mines just a few kilometres away from Tamegroute. Artisans mix the concoction with water in very huge basins and then leave them for about 7 days to thicken.

If you read about Moroccan pottery history, and specifically about green glazed ceramics, you will find out that it is actually the firing process that the famous pottery makers names in Morocco use as the key to that multi-shade green colour you see in their Moroccan vase, Moroccan Tagine and antique Safi pottery from Morocco. It is the firing process that helps artisans achieve the famous multi-shade green colour, which is yet to be found or replicated elsewhere.

As you know, almost all colours do fade when exposed to harsh environments like excess humidity or heat. Surprisingly, the multi-shade green colour that Moroccan pottery artisans use in their Moroccan souks, Moroccan ceramics and all their home decorations and handcraft decoration never fades. Yes, you heard it right! The colour green used in Moroccan pottery Cups never fades even if you expose it to excess humidity or heat. And this is what makes antique Moroccan pottery one of a kind.

Apart from Green Glazed Caramics, the artisans in Morocco also make many other high-quality handcraft items such as English ceramics, tiles and Moroccan ceramics, which are in very high demand not only in Morocco but also in the United Kingdom and many other parts of the world. From mosques to houses, tiles and other Moroccan handcraft items are a very common sight in most buildings.

Women contribute immensely in maintaining Moroccan pottery industry and in ensuring that there is enough production of tiles, plates, bowls and other pieces for the locals, tourists and overseas markets such as the UK. In the villages, you will find women digging the moist clay along the river banks. After collecting the moist clay, they then head back to the workspaces with clay in their woven baskets. Even though the load is usually heavy and the clay makes their clothes dirty, these women enjoy this practice, and they do it wholeheartedly.

Modern Green Glazed Pottery Artisans

The old ways artisans in Morocco use in pottery are just about to become advanced. About five years ago, the government came out with a great plan to build a post-modern workspace for artisans in Tamegroute. Spacious quarters have been built, and are fully equipped with gas and solar-powered kilns and electric pottery wheels, which are going to eliminate the billowing, dangerous smoke that the current stoves used by traditional artisans produce.

The number of artisans has significantly grown over the years. Yes, you guessed it right! Due to the rise in the number of artisans, there is a need for more space, and this is why the government came up with the idea of constructing a larger, modern workspace.

Don’t you think modernity might compromise the quality of the irregular green colour that Islamic pottery from Morocco is famous for? Well, you are not alone. Most famous Moroccan pottery artisans are concerned that the modern stoves might not be able to replicate the exact colour, which Moroccan pottery is famous for.

Some years back, the government provided artisans with gas stoves to make their work easier and to increase their production. However, the artisans later abandoned the modern stoves because they realized that the glaze produced became a standardized or uniform green colour. Because the artisans always want to bring you that uniqueness, they usually abandon any production process that compromises the distinguished glazed green colour. So, the artisans went back to their old ways and continued to fire their handcraft pieces the traditional way.

Are all Moroccan handcraft items identical?

From a distance, you might think that all tiles, pots, bowls, plates, cups and holders are identical to each other. But if you take a close look at the items, you will be surprised to realize that each piece is actually unique. The next question you will obviously ask yourself is how the artisans manage to make each piece of their items distinct from each other.

If you ever get a chance to take a trip to Morocco, particularly to the villages that are rich in Moroccan pottery history such as Tamegroute, you will realize that the artisans, while making Moroccan pottery cooking pottery and other handcraft items, do not apply the same amount of glaze on all pieces. Furthermore, you will learn that the pieces are never placed in the same place in the oven or stove. And this is what brings the difference.

In other words, the quantity of glaze an artisan applies on a particular piece, and where he or she places it in the oven usually lead to different results. After adding a small percentage of copper to the glaze, the piece or pottery will get its unique green colouring and the scars along with the imperfections that give it character.

Where to buy Moroccan pottery

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The green glaze is a great secret of Morocco. How the artisans manage to make it unique to Morocco is always a misery to many people. After reading this post, you now know that the famous green glaze is usually made by mixing copper and magnesium. Furthermore, the firing process gives the green colour its distinctive features and makes it the only colour that never fades.

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