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Add a touch of Moroccan ethnic glam to your home. These distinct Old azilal rug is an ideal addition to a comfortable, casual seating area. This Azilal rug, Hand knotted by tribal villages of the Atlas Mountains, will help you create a living room designed in North African style. Soft and warm, the high quality wool comes from the tribes’ sheep in the High Atlas Mountains. By taking some elements from the ancient culture such as this authentic work of art and placing it by the fireplace or underneath a coffee table, you achieve the Oriental style-inspired décor.

(Minimalistic perfection)

To many, it is clear that there are hipster-attracters in the luxury rug community, and there truly are explicitly weird-looking luxury carpets out there that many would fit would solely befit the hipsters, but then, there’s the all-encompassing Beni Ourain that wholly changes the “rug-for-who” game, and really raises some good questions about what exactly is attractive to individuals – the visual feast or the idea behind the glory. This grand idea behind Beni Ourains forms the band of features that forms exactly what makes Beni Ourains one of the most popular and valuable creations of Berber origin, and should be actively sought after because the luxury goods are getting increasingly harder to find.

To say that the Beni Ourain has one of those “different” vibes to it compared to the wide array of other carpets of Berber creation, that would be a grave error because the Beni Ourain is wholly more than meets the eye past the visual prospect, and this answer is arrived to by knowing why Berber rugs are so coveted, beloved, and made in the manner they are made. It is because they are governed by solid ideas, the visual feast, and that is the key to understanding the value of the Beni Ourain luxury rugs.

Beni Ourain rugs are off, you’re not wrong there, but there is truly more than meets the eye. Truly! And in that particularly minimalistic canvas where not much is clear about what is of value, there are still a lot that makes the Beni Ourain exceptionally priceless.

The carpet community has faced down-playing companions to the book community. But there is truth brooding there, engorging essence far beyond the stories they encapsulated. There’s much about the way consumers interact with the products, or the ways that which they are seeked out that makes a lot of sense. And so, when quotes about books are used on rugs, you can’t help by agreeing, and perhaps the most renowned “don’t judge a book by its cover” fits the Beni Ourain all too well, and perhaps it would seem to fit it more if the illusion that the quote is headed to cliché territory is abolished. The quote does a lot to cement the Beni Ourain as one of the books and uncovering the journey that has led the Beni Ourain rugs to that status is a feast-bound trip.

Beni Ourains have some of the better minimalistic designs which are marked by the stylish designs that don’t make much sense for exceptional beauty standards, but manage to look more beautiful than if there would be intention by the because of the unconventionality of the luxury rugs.

These rugs are quite intricate without really having any eccentricities at all. The designs have been compared to several minimalistic paintings that sell for quite a lot despite their minimalistic agenda. A Piet Mondrian or a Robert Rauschenberg would usually come to the mind of an individual pondering about what artworks look the most similar to the elegant Beni Ourains. Just the works of Mondrian and Rauschenberg, there are individuals that claim they can produce similar results, however, art really isn’t about the production process, it’s about the idea, and so, like those white paintings with shocking price tags, Beni Ourains maintain their dignity as the idea is wholly complex and effective, and yes, many could supposedly reproduce works, but they didn’t. They lacked the idea that a minimalistic artwork could thrive in the market, and a lot of the value of artworks is rooted in the ideas the painters have. It takes confidence as well to be able to push ideas to the front and all of this can contribute heavily to the value of different artworks, and the Beni Ourains share this, and thus are of the works.

Beni Ourains, like most minimalistic works aren’t representing a lot of things, but that doesn’t mean that the things they do represent are of importance in regards to quantity alone. They are an accessible product in a line of products that wouldn’t always be able to fittingly exist in homes that are not of a particularly bohemian nature. Once again, the Berbers showcase that they have a great understanding about what products its consumers are really after, and with the Beni Ourain, one of the most popular of the Berber rugs, perhaps the most popular, it strikes gold. These days, whenever someone says they own a Berber rug, you wouldn’t be wrong to guess the Beni Ourain first.

The Beni Ourains are a creation of many different tribes.  The tribes where the first Beni Ourain was born have traditionally lived high up in the Atlas Mountains for eras, although some have over time moved to the lowlands as the decades have gone by, but most of the population responsible for its creation can be found in higher altitudes. The wool reared from the mountain sheep used to weave a Beni Ourain is wholly locally extracted, and exceptional in quality and their traditional rugs are loved at every corner hugely because of the premium look and feel of the dense pile; which is usually not tinted – natural wool-white. Darker coloured wool is usually woven between lighter coloured wool to create the signature minimalistic geometric shapes of the Beni Ourains and there usually is the outline of priceless minerals or an assortment of differently positioned lines. Beni Ourain rugs offer a simple but sophisticated look to any modern interior that can be a perfect fit for anyone, and where other rugs reach most homes because of their variety, Beni Ourains are amongst the most popular because they are the most practical. Original vintage Beni Ourain rugs are becoming increasingly hard to find, and that makes the Beni Ourains rugs luxury antique in nature, one of the few products that can be regarded as treasure.

Traditionally, Beni Ourains look creamy in color and with large lozenges or other berber insignia, rarer Beni Ourains can be found in colours such as turquoise and taupe. Beni Ourains are very trendy due to their timeless “fazed-out-rug” look that looks appropriate in almost every household. In fact, they were admired by designer such as LeCorbusier who liked to juxtapose his leather furniture with Beni Ourains, and Frank Lloyd Wright, who had them aggregate as furniture in his famous Chicago.

In all time’s recollection, the luxury goods began their lives high up in the mountains before finding their way to a trade shops in Marrakech, Fez or some other major Moroccan city during trading seasons. But due to their rising popularity, a new business venture has stepped into the fray, creating an alternative way for people to acquire these coveted carpets directly from the source so as to avoid many risks that would can from purchasing from a third party such as having to own a Beni Ourain rug that isn’t essentially original. And in doing so, they’ve cut out a crucial stage in the typical journey of the luxury good to its customers. Inevitably, mistakes are made during the making of Beni Ourain rugs as well as in transporting them from the highlands, but these imperfections are precisely what gives the luxury goods some of its value because there is allure in things that look like they went through something special – something that is missing from their factory-assembled counterparts that make up a vast majority of the fake versions of the luxury goods. Berbers of the highland regions refer to these unique whorls of errors as ‘the charm of the hand’ and to them, it doesn’t take away any beauty from the luxury goods, rather, it unveils more.

Handmade rugs and in particular the highly popularized Beni Ourain luxury goods have seen a steady growth in popularity in Western households in within a short time behind current time, as far back as a century, but has experienced steady growth thorough the time, and that shows promise of continuing.  The previous century’s vintage Moroccan Berber rugs as well as the newer contemporary styles adorn many household floors and sometimes walls as the luxury goods are hung as wall pieces so that their artistic attributes can be admired as more as paintings with a furry canvas rather than just a carpet on the floor because most of those rugs do possess beauty great enough for walls. Their geometric, abstract or tribal designs can provide a captivating centre-piece for any room needing style-replenishing. Interior designers have been pairing these rugs with modern interiors to demonstrate how styling vintage with new as well as traditional with contemporary can work in so many unique ways with astonishing results.

You will find several patterns and designs used in the Berber vintage rugs, and they usually aren’t necessarily abstract, but they aren’t obvious to anyone not aware of traditional Berber symbolism. The symbolism on its own poses some great variety, but on the rugs is where the variety shines. The patterns range from bold geometrical designs reminiscent of Islamic artwork to designs that are monochrome with a quick glance from a distance. There are weavers who create designs that depict crosses, lozenges, triangles and bound shapes like diamonds. The most commonly observed colours include whites, browns and black shades of virgin wool from the mountain sheep of the Berber Atlas Mountain highlands.

Saffron would be used to create brighter yellow colours and henna would be used to create red colours. Saffron is a scarce material, and that contributes heavily to the price of the Beni Ourain. Blues are sourced from indigo and greens are sourced from wild mint, while burgundy is sourced from pomegranate. It pleases many to know that such vivid creations can be formed from products most individuals wouldn’t even think about using themselves. It attests to the value of diversity in aiding the evolution of art, and speaks leagues about all the things that individuals should do when ideas seem to not flow. Sometimes, its easier to change a perspective than to improve on it.

For the Interested

QualityHandcraft has a grand and extensive selection of the highest quality handmade vintage Moroccan rugs available to acquire as luxury gifts for yourself or others. You can also buy luxury handmade rugs online like vintage Persian rugs as well as modern handmade rugs and modern designer rugs from the posh aggregate of designer rugs. There are large Moroccan handmade rugs there and even smaller handmade rugs fully naked for you to buy online. Each Berber rug was discovered by rug connoisseurs traveling around the world, including the Atlas Mountain Highlands to meet with the weavers of the rugs, including the beloved Beni Ourain and the individuals has carefully selected the most interesting rugs interns of their history and symbolism; the ones that have shown to have the most promise in delivering in those two factors – equally or exceedingly so have made it among the list of other rugs available to sale.

In the carpet community, there is a lot of variety, and all this has made it a very complex, large, and ever-evolving collection.  There are large handmade rugs, designer rugs, modern handmade rugs, modern designer rugs and even vintage Persian rugs for sale which are among the most expensive types of carpets in the world, however only the traditional Persian rugs are fetched for the highest prices and the Beni Ourains are treated almost similarily because Beni Ourains dominate the rug market, and thus have achieved mainstream status, and that means that there is a high demand for them, but the numbers of the Beni Ourains haven’t exploded as the magnitude of the demand, and infused with the laid-back minimalistic style of the rug that most people can agree on the rugs being able to work in any space, that ensures that nothing can stop the Beni Ourains from being one of the most admired rugs in the otherwise diversity-topped carpet community, but more is required for the consumers.

With this said, it is important to understand that not all good art has flairs, but bad art can have gimmicks, and to many who understand the psychology of why and how gimmicks work so well, those gimmicks might be viewed in a distasteful light. Art is about discovering the beauty that we can’t observe at the moment, and in many ways, the Beni Ourains “muteness” makes powerful statements that can’t be ignored, and there is value in the things that can’t be ignored.




  • 6' 8 X 3' 6
  • Beige
  • Wool
  • Hand-Knotted

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